Venturing Out


After a contemplation for more than a few years, and a subliminal push from two friends, I finally stepped up the keyboard to stake my claim in the world of Word Press.

I am by no means a fledgling writer, or have any clue as to what the actual fuck I’m doing, so in essence, I’m actually just going to start babbling on your screen.

Should I really need to have to lay any ground rules down here, I figure not since this is a page/place/corner of the interspectrum world where I can be filtered or not, I really should be actually be more of myself here rather than the sugar coated person I pretend I am over on the regular social media pages that everyone believe that, that is who you actually are.

While I warn that my writing could be of just about anything, I also would like to add that I love pictures, and with that, don’t be supprised that within my writing I throw down quite a few pictures that go along with whatever journey I take you on with my ramblings.

Possible with this new venture, I might learn something about both writing and myself, along with this possible get somethings out there that really need to stop being harbored inside myself.

I’d tell you that I’m simple, but again my really complicated, I have very little if no grey area, which at time can really be a struggle for me in the actual world, especially the way society is today.

So in short, a very brief description of myself would be over 50yr old Automotive technician of 32yrs, business owner, high school drop-out, dad to two kids, granddad, husband, and as my page clearly states, I’m owned by 4 blind cats and 2 senior sighted cats.

I’m the Blind Cat Dad, welcome to my journey through my Mind’s Eye

4 thoughts on “Venturing Out

    1. It was just creating more stress on top of what I already had.
      And in taking back control, stress like this was easily eradicated, which helped a lot.
      Occasionally I miss it, but much less than you would think, each day, week, month it becomes less of a thought in my mind, and I can focus on better things.
      Your post was welcome relief to hear I’m not the only soul.


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